Changing up a gear for a new year...

After the calm of the winter months when we change pace, contemplate, reminisce, plan, predict and reflect we have yet again come to the time of year when we get ourselves back into top gear. Changing up a few notches is a smooth process if you have a well oiled machine and this year we are happy to announce we have successfully ‘oiled’ the castle during the quiet season and we are off to a flying start.  The transition from sleepy castle to full on wedding season mania has been seemingly effortless due to all of the hard work during those quieter months…..Henry may have a few grey hairs but this is all par for the course of being King of your own Castle right?

We welcomed firstly a one day wedding, this was helpful in easing us into wedding mode for another year.  Followed closely by a full weekend wedding and the castle filled to capacity, we are now well and truly back into swing of things.

The Scottish and Irish contingents of the wedding party descended upon Myres in style.  Bursting with energy the castle was filled with the sound of bagpipes, piano playing, wine glasses chinking and lots of laughter.

The Applestore and Barnquee were jam packed with loved ones and guests for a good old knees up.  Given the recent inclement weather there is always a nagging concern that the clouds will roll in and it will be a happy but wet affair.  Thankfully the Scottish weather was amazing and the full weekend was dry and bright, a minor miracle given the snow a matter of weeks ago!

Our summer months will be spent making wedding dreams come true and we are starting as we mean to go on, sleeves rolled up and ready for the fun, hard work, challenges and hilarity that only a season at Myres can bring!


Myres Castle

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