Come rain, hail or shine

No matter how much planning you put into your wedding day there are a number of elements out of your control. If you choose a tropical location your chances of sunshine are of course greatly increased but if bonny Scotland is your chosen destination sunshine is not always going to be a guarantee. But let’s face it, when your national dress is about 50 metres of jaggy wool fashioned into a skirt and coupled with Arran socks, there is only so much heat you can handle!

At Myres, we like to think we have it all under control when it comes to wedding planning and execution…. ancient castle, check, immaculate gardens, check, rustic reception venue, check, super suppliers, check, Godly control over the weather… sadly, we can’t add this to our repertoire.

Although the weather Gods are not on our Christmas card list we like to think we can work wonders in our own special way!  We monitor the forecast closely and keep fingers and toes crossed for the sun to have its hat on for each and every one of our wedding weekends. We even have a fancy mechanimated weather clock in the kitchen to give us a super fun visual on the upcoming weather for the day as we eat breakfast! As well as lots of digit crossing and Windy Wilson and Sean Batty following we get practical in every way we possibly can.

Myres has an amazing biomass boiler system, so for those colder days, guests can be sure to be cosy and warm inside the castle.  Thanks to the fancy boiler there is always plenty of lovely hot water so you can relax and unwind in the luxury en suites. Open fires and wood burners are stoked on the coldest of nights to top up the cosiness and if you venture outdoors we have chimineas and patio heaters for warmth.

On wet days, we pop up gazebos and you are sure to be safe and dry inside the Barnquee and Applestore. For the in between bits, we have a (what is the collective name for a group of umbrellas?!) bunch of giant golf sized brollies to keep your fancy frocks drip free. And if you don’t have appropriate footwear, fear not, Myres has a vast collection of welly boots which guests are welcome to borrow… sharing is caring after all. May 19th, 2017 saw Emily and Oliver’s Myres wedding on a rainy weekend. The couple celebrated in style and the weather didn’t dampen their spirits one bit. 

Rainy wedding

Emily & Oliver Rainy Wedding at Myres Castle

True to form the Scottish weather changed dramatically and the next weekend, 26th May 2017, Nicola and Iain basked in 30-degree heat and wed under the Beech tree. Hot days can be just as tricky as the cold ones.  Fridges are another thing Myres has no shortage of and we ensure they are well stocked for our wedding guests.  From cool drinks and iced water to prosecco on the patio and ice buckets stuffed with chilled beer we keep our guests suitably hydrated….and lubricated. Fair weather allows the opportunity for wedding guests to make the most of the gardens and the wedding couples to say their vows outdoors. Whether it takes place on the hidden law or underneath the magnificent Beech tree, an outdoor Myres wedding is something quite special.

Wedding under the tree at Myres

Wedding guests basking in the sun at Myres

Come rain, hail or shine, the team at Myres Castle have planned for all eventualities to help ensure each and every couple has the wedding of their dreams.

And just for fun, a final word from Dr Suess: “The storm starts, when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”


Photo Credit: Photos from Oliver and Emily's wedding by Christine McNally (@christinemcnallyphoto).

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